Somassage® Training


The next Somassage® Certification Workshop is June 20-24, 2019 at the Soma Institute in Buckley, WA.

Developed based on the Soma Neuromuscular Integration® theories, Somassage® is a stand-alone, specialized form of bodywork that uses the fascial system, specific depth, and directionality to advance the client toward optimal efficiency. It addresses the full-body organization of the fascial structure while recognizing the unique qualities of each individual. Open to all – those with absolutely no touch experience – as well as massage therapists, this extensively hands-on workshop gives you skills to work with ease while helping your clients feel great. Upon successful completion of the course, the practitioner will gain permission to use the Somassage® trademark.  


    • Somassage® theory and hands-on techniques
    • The language of connective tissue
    • Compression & suspension mechanics
    • Gravitational effects on the body
    • Holographic Body Reading – an effective structural analysis model
    • Three Brain Model  – unifying body and mind
    • How to use Somassage® for treatment work—extremely effective
  • A body mechanics system that saves energy and prevents repetitive motion injury

CE Hours: 32

Jesse Guerrero, L.M.P., CS, Instructor- Soma Institute
Denise Foster-Scott L.M.P., CSP, Instructor- Soma Institute

Class is from 9am to 6pm.

Cost:  $600 ($100 Deposit to hold space)    |    CE Hours: 32    |   9am-6pm

Soma Institute of Neuromuscular Integration
730 Gravity Way, Buckley, WA 98321

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What is Somassage®

Somassage® is an effective tool that focuses on helping practitioners understand the basic principles of fascia and Soma Neuromuscular Integration®. Somassage is not just a technique, but a whole system of structural analysis, directional myofascial release and applied body mechanics. Somassage® can be used as a stand alone session, as a system of treatment work for injuries, and as a teaser to introduce to someone how they could feel continually after a series of Structural Integration.

Somassage® utilizes a unique system of body reading that allows the practitioner to clearly see the structural compensation patterns of each client. This information is very useful in developing specific and effective treatments that provide the most benefit to the individual. Clients are taught active movements to aid in release and integration during the session. Active movement awakens awareness in a client and can help them find ease, flow and mobility in their body.

Somassage® is a wonderful introduction to Soma Neuromuscular Integration and an important addition to one’s established Structural Integration practice. Following the completion of the Soma 11-Sessions, most clients benefit and request a continued treatment program. Somassage® is very effective for this use.

This is a hands on workshop for licensed practitioners or students in training. With successful completion of the course, the practitioner will have permission for trademark usage.

“The Somassage workshop has valuable information and techniques. The balance and organization that Somassage brings has become a crucial part of treatment for many of my clients, who are noticing a much easier relationship with gravity and far less discomfort. The enthusiasm of the instructors and safe, open environment made it easy to learn.” –L.P., LMP

Somassage® is different than other forms of massage.

The differences are:

  • Our intent. We use a very different directionality and phrasing than traditional massage, which supports greater structural suspension and verticality.
  • Client Participation. By participating in the session with specific movement, breath and focused presence clients achieve the highest benefit.
  • Our results. Somassage® addresses the suspensory component inherent in the fascial structure of the body that supports easeful upright posture. This tends to energize the client rather than leaving one feeling drowsy as traditional massage often does.
  • Somassage® teaches Holographic Body Reading. It is a structural analysis tool that allows you to structure your session to specifically meet the individual needs of each client.
  • Somassage® is a body mechanics system that saves energy and prevents repetitive motion injury. It is a complete discipline of healthcare in analysis, practice, mindfulness, self care.

Somassage® is used for injury specific treatment work while reinforcing a global awareness of mind-body integration. While Somassage® was developed for people who have had Structural Integration, it is highly effective for people new to bodywork. It allows release of tension, increased flexibility, promotes relaxed energy, enhances performance and promotes holistic health and wellbeing. Many manual therapists who have learned this technique say their clients love and regularly ask for Somassage®. Those same therapists also appreciate the ease that Somassage® gives them in their own bodies while they are working.

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