Somassage® Training


The next Somassage® Certification Workshop is November 14-17, 2018.

Somassage® is a full body myofascial organizing treatment that mobilizes energy and enhances the body’s relationship to gravity through suspension mechanics. Developed out of the SOMA Neuromuscular Integration® theories, Somassage® recognizes and works with the unique qualities inherent in each individual structure. This is an extensively hands on workshop. Upon successful completion of the course, the practitioner will have permission to use the Somassage® trademark. This workshop is for licensed practitioners and wonderful for those interested in the Soma Structural Integration training.

Students Will Learn:
– Somassage® techniques & theory
– The language of connective tissue in the body
– Compression & suspension mechanics
– Gravitational effects on the body
– Holding patterns in the fascial network from trauma/abuse
– Basic support of clients through emotional release
– Holographic Body Reading: the most effective structural analysis model in the field
– Three Brain Model (unifying body/mind)
– Using Somassage® for treatment work-extremely effective

CE Hours: 32

Karen L. Bolesky, M.A., L.M.H.C., L.M.P., L.A.M.P., Director- Soma Institute
Jesse Guerrero, L.M.P., CSP
Denise Foster-Scott L.M.P., CSP, Instructors- Soma Institute

Class is from 9am to 5pm. Lunch is included in tuition. Housing available for $15/night- contact the Soma Institute for more information.

Cost:  $600 ($100 Deposit to hold space)    |    CE Hours: 32    |   9am-6pm

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Soma Institute of Neuromuscular Integration®  730 Gravity Way, Buckley- WA  98321

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