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Soma Certificate Program

Certificate Program Your future is waiting.
Looking for an advanced massage school in the Pacific Northwest? Receive your Structural Integration training in 10-months through our 768-hour, ~3-day/week, program. Upon completion you'll be ready to sit for the CESI and MBLEx massage licensing exams. Soma Structural Integration® is an exciting and specialized healthcare profession in the growing field of manual therapy and therapeutic massage.

The next module begins September 17th, 2024.

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Soma Essentials: Somassage®

Soma History Don’t know where to start?
Begin with Somassage®. This hands-on 4-day workshop is a wonderful stand-alone course for anyone interested in learning the essence of Soma Structural Integration®. It's also a prerequisite to our full training program.

The next course is September 27-30, 2024 at our Soma Structural Integration® school in Langley, WA.

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We are the Faculty

Soma Faculty We love teaching and we love Soma.
We offer unique, diverse and experienced perspectives so that you receive a well rounded and in-depth structural integration education. Your personal growth and professional success are our goals!

Come learn with us... learn Soma Structural Integration® at our beautiful Langley campus on Whidbey Island, Washington in the magical Salish Sea of the Pacific Northwest.

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Learn about our training:
Watch our video and hear from teachers and students about their experiences in our program.

Ready to explore your future with us? Your journey begins with the Somassage® workshop—open to everyone.
Sign up for Somassage® here.

Learn Soma. Choose Joy.

Upcoming Courses

Our Upcoming courses Soma Structural Integration
Certificate Training Program
Principles Module
September 17th - December 5th, 2024
Training Module
January 7th - June 26th, 2025

September Soma Essentials: Somassage®
September 27-30, 2024 (Fri-Mon)
Register for September Somassage® here...

Advanced Practitioner Training
Embodiment: Bodyreading & Movement
with Marcia Nolte
For Soma Practitioners Only
August 23-26, 2024 (Fri-Mon)
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The Soma Clinic

Soma Clinic Experience the full Soma 11-Series starting in January of 2025.
Sessions with our students are bi-weekly at our Langley clinic, and a tremendous value at only $60 per session.
Sign up here for the 11-Series in 2025

Fall Somassage® Community Clinic — November 14th, 2024.
Receive a free 1.5 hour Somassage® session from our student practitioners.
Sign up here for the Fall Somassage® Clinic

What is Soma?

What is Soma? Soma is about freedom.
It’s a form of Structural Integration, a manual therapy that wholistically releases and rebalances the body’s fascial network.

Through 11-sessions clients regain freedom of movement and are supported in developing new movement and postural patterns. Soma is a transformative body therapy that has been taught at the Soma Institute since 1977.

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