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Structural integration is an intriguing field that continues to grow and develop.  More scientific research and interest in fascia has lead to changes in the fields of medicine, physical therapy, yoga therapy, fitness and athletics and all types of manual therapy. We are appreciative that there is continued multidisciplinary interest in connective tissue. Also, many bodymind connections are being studied and better defined, leading to more validity in the areas of psychology, somatics, and the study of stress.  It’s an exciting time to be in structural integration!

Check out our program, get the details on our schedule, tuition, and the admissions process. And don’t miss the practitioner success stories by our past students! We encourage you to attend the Somassage® Certificate workshop, it’s a great introduction to Soma theories and techniques, a required part of the training if you continue studying with us, and an opportunity to meet the teachers.

We are proud of what we offer and are here to support you on your path of meaningful work and contributions to the world.

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T. J.