The admissions process includes the following:

~ Successful completion of the Soma Essentials Workshop
~ Completion of the online application, including personal essay, references and non-refundable $100 application fee.
~ Interview(s) with the Soma Team

The online application will be available to students who successfully completed the Soma Essentials Workshop. Applications are due no later than 6 weeks before the beginning of the next module—exact dates will be shared with you at the Soma Essentials workshop.

We strongly recommend that students begin the program with Soma Principles Module, exceptions may be made on a case-case basis.

If you are already a licensed massage therapist, you will be considered a Transfer Student and we will need to evaluate your transcript to decide what portions of Principles you are required to attend, if any. To complete the program you will be required to attend 100% of the Training from January-June. Please get your application in early so we have time to evaluate your transcript.

We look forward to having you join the Soma community in the future!

“The program is relatively short—just 10 months—but its full-immersion atmosphere and unparalleled student-teacher ratio allow students to absorb so many valuable experiences and so much information. I cherished my time away from the city, able to concentrate completely on the work. Upon graduating, I felt ready to start my own practice and I can’t imagine having studied anywhere else. The diversity of instructors, class structure, lessons and teaching styles further added to the holistic education experience.”

— K. W. Class of Spring 2016 (Currently practicing in Seattle, WA)