Certification Program

We are Washington’s gold standard Structural Integration school. The program provides 768 hours of training for Structural Integration certification and meets requirements for massage license testing in the States of Washington and Oregon. Our trainings are individualized and specialized to challenge and accelerate your growth. The student-teacher ratio is kept at a maximum 10:2 for clinic/hands-on learning and each student receives personalized attention for their development. This ensures that students graduate competent to effectively develop their own Soma career while also growing and healing their own bodymind.

Where do I start. . . (choose one below)

. . . I’m totally new to bodywork:
You are required to attend Soma Essentials and both Modules A and Module B.

. . . I’m a currently licensed LMT:
You are required to attend Soma Essentials and Module B. However, we may request that you attend portions of Module A.

. . . I’m an ND, OT, PT, MD, LAc, etc.
I am a licensed healthcare provider, but I’m not a massage therapist:
You are considered a TRANSFER student. You are required to attend Soma Essentials and Module B and likely portions of Module A. We will need to evaluate your transcript(s) and conduct an interview to determine what portions of Module A you will need to fulfill. You may also be asked to take a test so we can assess your understanding of material we cover in Module A.

Soma Certification Course Descriptions

PREREQUISITE: Soma Essentials: Somassage® Certification (34 hours) – The Soma Essentials workshop is a prerequisite course for the Soma Certification. It was developed as a simple yet effective way to apply Structural Integration principles to an individual session. This technique can be used as an introduction to Soma, as a treatment protocol, or as a flexible foundation to address the varying situations that arise in a practitioner’s career. It is also offered as a Continuing Education workshop and holds it’s own trademark and certification. It provides the basic information needed to begin studying Soma and work toward becoming a Soma Structural Integration practitioner. (Upon successful completion of this course, you will be given the opportunity to apply to the full Soma SI certification.)

Once you have completed the Soma Essentials prerequisite you can apply to the Certification Training Program which is comprised of two modules (they can be taken in any order):

MODULE A: Soma Principles Anatomy/Kinesiology/Physiology & test preparation for the national Massage Licensing exam (MBLEx). There is an emphasis on fascia, kinesthetic awareness, and current and classic writings in the lineage of Ida P. Rolf. The curriculum includes all necessary science and learning to become a certified and licensed practitioner. (This course is required for all unlicensed students; those without a previous license in the healthcare field.)

MODULE B: Soma Training Extensive hands-on and experiential learning of fascial manipulation and therapeutic approaches, Structural Analysis and treatment planning.  Emphasis is on completing the 11 series with 5 models with faculty supervision and support, movement re-education, ethics, and business and client development. (This course is required for all Soma students.)

Together, the modules meet requirements set forth by the governing bodies for Structural Integration and Massage and allow graduates to become appropriately licensed for practice. Students with no license or bodywork education must complete all hours of the certification program at the Soma Institute. The two modules may be taken in any order, with the permission of the faculty.

Students that have a current massage license, a license in another health care field, or relevant educational experience can apply for transfer credit against hours in the Soma Principles Module.  There is a $180 transcript evaluation fee and applicable credits will be assessed on a case by case basis.  Tuition and recommendations for Soma Principles classes will be arranged individually.  All hours for the Soma Training Module must be attended and completed for certification.

Certification & Licensing
Upon successful completion of Modules A & B you will be required to follow the laws in the state you plan to work. In many states, including Washington and Oregon, you are required to pass the MBLEx, the national certification exam, and then apply for a massage license.  If required, the Soma Institute will send information directly to the state body that governs the practice of bodywork.

Yay! Now you can share your heart, skills and Soma with the world!

The Soma Institute is approved by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCBTMB) as a continuing education provider under Category A.

Our Soma Principles and Soma Training Certification programs, taken together, prepares students to take the MBLEx Massage and Bodywork Licensing Examination which is the universal massage licensing method in the United States.

A full catalog of the curriculum is available by email. Please contact us to receive one.


International Students
We will consult with you to best fit your needs depending on your previous education, training, and license requirements within your country. We welcome your questions, please use the contact page.