Practitioner Success Stories



My time at the Soma Institute was life changing. Not only did I learn about the human body and many of its magical properties, I learned about myself emotionally, physically, and mentally. Soma work has a way of affecting a person as a whole, not just on the physical level. During my Training, I felt very grounded doing the work and made life long friends in the process. Everyone I have met that has attended the Soma Institute is so welcoming and genuine, it’s like an extended family.

I cannot say enough good things about the school, the program, or the educators. I felt truly seen, heard, and held, throughout my time at the school and beyond. The curriculum was engaging, and fully encompassing. Every one of the educators brought their own style, experiences and voice to their contribution. Words cannot express my deepest gratitude to the Soma Institute for making my life journey exponentially better.

My practice is going spectacularly. One year from my graduation, I was fully supporting myself financially by doing Soma work. I’ve had several careers in my lifetime and this one is by far the most rewarding. It feels wonderful to truly help people, every day. People who come in barely able to walk literally dance their way out at the end of a session. People who have been carrying their pain and trauma their whole lives finally have a space that feels safe enough to put it down, be present and show themselves some love. It fills my soul with such a beautiful energy to witness and be a part of that process.


How is your practice going- a few years out?
Full. I have been blessed with ALL of my clients coming through word of mouth! Each new client sends me three of their friends!

How is your new profession able to support you soulfully and financially?
I am able to have a thriving practice and spend most of the day with our almost 9 month old son, Ernest, and avoid childcare costs. The times where I “have to” go to work, I really “get to” make a difference with people and their bodies. I feel purpose and freedom. My cup is full.

What was your education experience like? Highlights? Why did you choose the Soma Institute?
My education experience was magic. I loved all of my teachers and classmates. The teachers and staff are really dedicated to your growth and success as a student and practitioner. I’ve always been fascinated by the human body and the way it all works together. It was so fun to explore my curiosity, deepen my knowledge, and gain skills that now support my family and provide me with the flexibility to be kind of parent I hoped to be. Some highlights were gaining a whole new awareness around my own body and even getting a little taller.

The Soma Institute was perfect for me because it was closer to my home than any other SI program, the schedule allowed me to work other jobs throughout the program, and I really connected with the vibe of the place and the teaching staff.


AnitaWith a rich background in the science of movement, I began a career in touch therapy with massage and the treatment of athletic injury. However, it was the personal experience of profound change in my own physical structure and emotional awareness through Soma Structural Integration, that set the course for my career of the past 35 years. Studying Soma Structural Integration, has offered me the opportunity to support individuals through a transformational whole body, whole being experience.

I was introduced to the work while attending a Somassage® workshop for massage therapists at the Soma Institute in Gainesville, Florida in 1979. Bill Williams PhD, the developer of all things Soma and a former student and practitioner of the Rolf method of Structural Integration, with Dr. Rolf’s encouragement, evolved her work in how connective tissue was addressed as well as the very important component of emotional processing. The current owner/directors of the Soma Institute have continued to explore and expand upon all of the dimensions of this very profound process. Having taken my Advanced certification with the director, Karen Bolesky MA., ten years ago at the facility for the Soma Institute in Buckley, WA., I can highly recommend what she and her staff offer in the facility and the comprehensive educational depth for the student and the profession.

My passion is movement. Helping others to discover, unlock and heal the blocks to the experience that their vehicles, their bodies, offer them for the full experience and expression of life, never diminishes. I consider it a privilege to be invited to assist someone through this avenue of self discovery.

I have been blessed to have supported myself and my family and have maintained two practices in Miami, Fl. and Durango, Co. It is my desire to continue to impact the lives of all those who enter my door with the opportunity to transform their bodies and their minds through the process of Soma Structural Integration for years to come with humor and compassion.


CoreyThe enthusiastic, heart centered, and deeply personal work of Soma was a great fit for me as a structural integration school. I highly recommend Soma Structural Integration® as a career. I support a family of five with my Soma work. With lots of laughs and real internal exploration, the Soma training can be life changing for the students.

It is very rewarding to be constantly challenged to creatively deepen this work. There is so much to learn in this field, and I anticipate doing Soma for the rest of my life. My clients come to me looking to make a real shift in their lives, to go through a journey of discovery and embodiment. If I had any advice, it would be to be present with your clients. It is this presence which will keep them coming back. And to find a way to be fascinated with each person who comes in the door. Clients can really feel when you love your work!