Practitioner Success Stories


AlexGoing to the Soma Institute was a life changing decision and probably one of the best choices I’ve made.

I knew I wanted to be in a health and wellness related field. I looked into Physiotherapy, Osteopathy, Psychotherapy and more. Then I came across Structural Integration. I was immediately drawn to this discipline that would allow me to work for myself, create my own schedule and be financially stable. I wanted a career that provided the opportunity for continual growth and learning.

I looked at all of the Structural Integration/Rolfing schools in the world and decided on SOMA. I was interested in its emphasis on body/mind/spirit integration as well as its beautiful location in the Mt. Rainier foothills. The environment is ideal for an educational immersion and the teachers are all amazing in their own unique ways.

I came from a working community that was incredibly competitive and driven by ambition. I wanted to surround myself with people that I respected and could learn from. The Soma practitioners I have met are not only supportive and caring but have become some of my closest friends and colleagues. I trust that I could call any one of them with a question or concern and they wouldn’t hesitate to help me out. They’re like family.

I’m not a year out of school yet. I am fully licensed, have my own practice, work only 3 days a week and am booked out a month in advance. The security and stability that Soma has provided me with in life has allowed me the freedom to travel and pursue my other passions in life. I highly recommend the Soma Institute and the life and career that it can provide you with.


AnitaWith a rich background in the science of movement, I began a career in touch therapy with massage and the treatment of athletic injury. However, it was the personal experience of profound change in my own physical structure and emotional awareness through Soma Neuromuscular Integration, that set the course for my career of the past 35 years. Studying Soma Neuromuscular Integration, has offered me the opportunity to support individuals through a transformational whole body, whole being experience.

I was introduced to the work while attending a Somassage® workshop for massage therapist’s at the Soma Institute in Gainesville, Florida in 1979. Bill Williams PhD., the developer of all things Soma and a former student and practitioner of the Rolf method of Structural Integration, with Dr. Rolf’s encouragement, evolved her work in how connective tissue was addressed as well as the very important component of emotional processing. The current owner/directors of the Soma Institute have continued to explore and expand upon all of the dimensions of this very profound process. Having taken my Advanced certification with the director, Karen Bolesky MA., ten years ago at the current facility for the Soma Institute in Buckley, WA., I can highly recommend what she and her staff offer in the facility and the comprehensive educational depth for the student and the profession.

My passion is movement. Helping others to discover, unlock and heal the blocks to the experience that their vehicles, their bodies, offer them for the full experience and expression of life, never diminishes. I consider it a privilege to be invited to assist someone through this avenue of self discovery.

I have been blessed to have supported myself and my family and have maintained two practices in Miami, Fl. and Durango, Co. It is my desire to continue to impact the lives of all those who enter my door with the opportunity to transform their bodies and their minds through the process of Soma Neuromuscular Integration for years to come with humor and compassion.


OliviaSoma is a healing practice, embedded in an empowering, healing experience for the practitioner. The Institute’s warm, deeply intuitive instructors take students into their hearts, gently guiding them through the teachings. No question, it is most certainly an intensive program. The material runs deep and wide, and inspires inner shifts and transformations in its students. For me, the lovely rural campus, verdant and wild, represents the soul of the training: the precious opportunity to examine and experience what it is to move, connect, and live in fullness and joy.




CoreyThe enthusiastic, heart centered, and deeply personal work of Soma was a great fit for me as a structural integration school. I highly recommend Soma Neuromuscular Integration® as a career. I support a family of five with my Soma work. I chose Soma because it was a very intimate little school close to home where I could commute to on the weekend and work during the week to support my family. With lots of laughs and real internal exploration, the Soma training can be life changing for the students.

It is very rewarding to be constantly challenged to creatively deepen this work. There is so much to learn in this field, and I anticipate doing Soma for the rest of my life. My clients come to me looking to make a real shift in their lives, to go through a journey of discovery and embodiment. If I had any advice, it would be to be present with your clients. It is this presence which will keep them coming back. And to find a way to be fascinated with each person who comes in the door. Clients can really feel when you love your work!