The Soma Institute of Structural Integration® provides a high-quality massage and bodywork education experience for those interested in taking their career to the next level.

Soma Structural Integration Training
A transformative, experiential process that creates lasting changes in your life and career.

Cost: $21,500 (768 hours)

The $100 application fee is NOT part of the tuition and is non-refundable. If a student is accepted into the Certificate Program a $3,500 deposit is required to hold a place in the program. The deposit is applied toward tuition.

A prorated tuition may be considered for students who are not required to take the Soma Principles Module of the training. These students must have the requisite number of transfer credits or a current Massage Therapy License. If transferring credits is required, applicable fees will be applied. Transfer fees include a $180 Transcript Evaluation, $150 per Exam for testing out of a course and $25/hour for attending additional required courses.

The Soma Institute offers two payment options. The first is to pay remaining tuition in-full no later than the first day of class. The second option is to pay in installments. Installments will be divided equally into monthly payments over the duration of the training.  For most students this will be 9 payments of $2,000, due at the beginning of each month.  Payments will be invoiced and can be paid via ACH transfer or credit card.  

All fees and tuition are due and payable on or before the date indicated for payment. Late payments incur a $50 fee.

VISA and Mastercard are accepted but will be assessed an additional 3.5% processing fee.

Cost of books and supplies is not included in tuition. Basic equipment (massage tables, etc.) for the student clinic will be provided.

Private tutoring for class make-up is charged at $60 per hour beyond tuition.

No other fees are required of the student during the training. 

For transfer or proof of attendance, official academic transcripts are available upon request for a fee of $25.  As per state law, all records are kept for 50 years.

Click here to learn about grants and funding opportunities for Soma Students.

Soma Essentials: Somassage® Workshop (prerequisite)
A massage modality developed from Soma Structural Integration, Somassage® is a profoundly energizing bodywork.  The four-day certificate in Somassage® is an asset to any massage practice and a prerequisite course of the full Soma certificate. To learn more about Somassage click here.  To see the current schedule click here.

Cost: $665 (34 hours)

Advanced Intensive
This course is for current Soma practitioners only. Upon completion of this 100-hour, two-part training, practitioners will receive an Advanced Certificate and a transcript. They will be then allowed to use the Certified Advanced Practitioner (CAP) title.

For the complete Advanced Intensive description click here.

Cost: TBD (50 hours)