Advanced Practitioner Certification

Advanced Training

The Soma Advanced Practitioner Certification is for graduates and is not part of the basic Soma Structural Integration® Certification training.


Soma Advanced Training- Module 1
This course is for certified Soma Practitioners only.
May 13-16, 2022
Soma Institute: Langley, WA.
Registration info coming soon.

The Advanced Intensive deepens the Soma practitioner’s knowledge of the Soma philosophy, theory and practice. The Advanced courses comprehensively explore the Soma paradigm, the student’s own internal experience, and new information that will assist their continuing development. The Advanced courses provide an environment for somatic discovery, in-depth dialogue, and expansive perspective. The 128-hour Soma Advanced Training is offered over three years. Students must complete three Core Modules (totaling 96 hours) and two Electives (totaling 32 hours). In order to apply for the Advanced Soma Certification the practitioner must be in practice for a minimum number of 2 years, and/or instructor approval.

Core Modules: 96 hours of Core Modules course are required. There are three modules. One Core module will be offered each year, so it will take a minimum of 3 years to complete the Soma Advanced Certification. The Three Core Modules develop key skills of the Advanced Soma Practitioner.

Upcoming Core Modules: One Core Module is offered each year, and includes ethics credits.

    • Core Module 1— Advanced Series Development (May 13-16, 2022, 4-days, 32 CEU’s):
      Adapting the 11-Series and developing an Advanced Mini-Series for greater effectiveness.


    • Core Module 2—Advanced Bodyreading and Movement Strategies (2023, 4-days, 32 CEU’s):
      Advanced bodyreading and creative movement education for richer embodiment.


  • Core Module 3—Advanced Client Connections (2024, 4-days, 32 CEU’s):
    Creating connection, integrating trauma, and supporting wholeness.

Electives: 32 hours of Elective courses are required (typically two, two-day CE courses). They may be taken at any time, prior or after being accepted to the Core Advanced Training. Students will be required to provide documentation of completed elective hours.

Upcoming Electives: At least one elective will be offered each year. Any non-Core Module course offered by the Soma Institute or it’s faculty, counts as an elective.

  • Elective— Uncaging the Ribs— the Tensegrity of Breath (November 2022- Exact dates TBD, 2-days). Teacher: Jesse Guerrero
  • Elective— Reclaiming the Pelvic Floor (Dates TBD, 2022, 2/3 days). Teacher: Denise Foster Scott

In-Process Advanced Practitioners: For practitioners who have done previous coursework toward an Advanced Certification under the Soma Institute of Neuromuscular Integration, they are required to take all three of the Core modules to complete their Advanced Certification. Previous CE through the Soma Institute will counts toward the Advanced Training electives. Students will be required to provide documentation of completed elective hours.

Practitioners who have previously completed the 100-hour Advanced Training: All practitioners are welcome to attend and receive CEU’s for the Advanced Training Core modules. Upon completion of one Core module they will be issued a new Advanced Certificate with the updated program hours. Students will be required to provide documentation of completed previous 100-hour Advanced Certification.