Soma Essentials: Somassage® Certificate

Upcoming Somassage® Workshops:

Somassage® is the first step to exploring a career in Soma Structural Integration. You can come with absolutely no experience doing bodywork, or as a seasoned massage therapist, and discover if Soma is right for you.

September 2024 Soma Essentials: Somassage®
September 27-30, 2024 (Friday-Monday)
Soma Institute: Langley, WA.
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March 2025 Soma Essentials: Somassage®
March 14-18, 2025 (Friday-Monday)
Soma Institute: Langley, WA.
(Registration opens November 2024)

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Workshop Info

Developed based on the Soma Structural Integration® theories, Somassage® is a stand-alone, specialized form of bodywork that uses the fascial system, specific depth, and directionality to advance the client toward optimal efficiency, ease and wellness. It addresses the full-body organization of the fascial structure while recognizing the unique qualities of each individual.

Open to all – those with absolutely no touch experience – as well as massage therapists, this extensively hands-on workshop gives you skills to work with ease while helping your clients feel great. Upon successful completion of the course, the practitioner will gain permission to use the Somassage® trademark and have the pre-requisite foundational knowledge to start our full Soma Structural Integration Certificate program, if they choose.

“Deeply inspiring, clear, and highly educational.”
—Brighton, 2022 Somassage® attendee and LMT

“Quality school, quality instructors and powerful work. Loved it. I’m a massage therapist with 30 years experience and many amazing trainings under my belt and this one may be the most potent! Big body shifts with the effective technique and so well presented. Thank you!”
—2023 Somassage® attendee and LMT

For more info on Somassage®, visit the Somassage® page.

Soma Essential Curriculum:

    • How to do a 1.5 hour full-body Somassage® Session
    • The language of connective tissue
    • Compression & suspension mechanics
    • Gravitational effects on the body
    • Holographic Body Reading – an effective structural analysis model
    • Three Brain Model  – unifying body and mind
    • How to use Somassage® for treatment work—extremely effective
    • Whole body mechanics: how to work with presence, ease and efficiency
    • A body mechanics system that saves energy and prevents repetitive motion injury
    • Somassage® theory and hands-on techniques

CE Hours: 32 (4 Ethics)

Jesse Guerrero— LMT, Advanced Soma Practitioner, Soma Institute Co-Director
Kelsi Giswold— LMT, Advanced Soma Practitioner, Soma Institute Co-Director
Alex Goldstein— LMT, Advanced Soma Practitioner, Soma Institute Instructor
Kimberly Lorton— LMT, Soma Institute Instructor
Vanessa Wood— LMT, Soma Institute Instructor

Class is from 9am to 6pm.

Cost:  $665

This course meets Oregon and Washington state massage CEU requirements. For other states, please check your state requirements. This course is IASI approved.

If you need lodging, we have rooms available to rent by the night in our Soma House next door to the school. 

See cancellation policies below.

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What our students have to say about the course:

“Having the repetitious demos and then Somassage® practice hit the brain spot just right! It’s remarkable how day 1 I knew so little and by the end it all came together.”
—Heidi, 2022 Somassage® attendee

“I wish I had suggestions to be helpful, but this workshop was actually perfect for me. Even with no formal background in bodywork, I didn’t feel lost at all. Thank you for hosting such a thoughtfully designed workshop.”
—A.L, 2022 Somassage® attendee

“This was a great introduction. I felt like I learned a lot and opened new doors to be curious about. All the teachers were present and supportive. It was great!!”
—S.A., 2022 Somassage® attendee

“All the instructors are awesome! They made it so enjoyable. They walk their talk! It was 100% worth it.”
—G.E., 2018 student completely new to bodywork

While we understand that the Covid emergency is over, out of respect for everyone’s health and wellness we ask participants to wear a mask if they are experiencing any signs of illness. Thanks!

Cancellation Policy:

  • Cancellation made greater than 30 days before the start of the course—90% of payment refund.
  • Cancellations made between 30 days and 12 days before the start of the course—50% payment refund.
  • Cancellation made between 12 and 0 days before the start of the course—no refund.
  • If an attendee becomes unable to attend due to illness or other extenuating circumstances, then their registration will be transferred to another, future Soma Essentials workshop, to be taken within 2 years. Extenuating circumstances may be considered for a refund.

A minimum number of participants is required to hold the workshop, if the number is not met you will be notified and refunded 15-30 days prior to the workshop.

Somassage® Participant Forms:

Please read, no need to print, the Soma Institute Privacy Policy, found here. The following forms must be completed prior to attending the workshop: