Katie Wood

Katie Wood
Certified Soma Practitioner
Business Description

Our physiology is made for a world that no longer exists. I believe this is the root of much of our individual and collective suffering. My passion is uncovering knowledge and practices that allow us to adapt to modern life so our bodies, minds, and spirits can thrive. I combine my training in Soma Structural Integration, my athletic background (running, circus arts, dance, and functional fitness), and my personal exploration of nervous system dysregulation (chronic stress) to create a holistic, personalized, multifaceted approach to bodywork and healing. I work with clients of all ages, physical abilities, backgrounds, ailments, and goals. I do not "fix" people, as I don't believe anyone can or should be fixed. But I do use hands-on work, movement and postural education, lifestyle assessment, and other resources to help clients release physical and emotional stress from their bodies, decrease pain and tension, improve physical/athletic performance, and achieve their personal goals.

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2319 N 45th St
Seattle, WA 98103
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