About Soma Structural Integration®

Integrity. Quality. Lineage.
As a direct descendant of the work of Dr. Ida P. Rolf, Soma Structural Integration® is an effective and wholistic profession that changes lives.

Soma Structural Integration® is a systematic re-balancing of the body’s fascial web. Through 11-sessions each region of the body is addressed. Client’s regain freedom of movement and are supported in developing new movement patterns. Soma Structural Integration is the most thorough and powerful modality we offer through the Soma Institute.

Soma is designed to improve the way you move, feel and express yourself. It is a form of structural integration in the lineage of Ida P. Rolf. Soma relieves pain and restores mobility by working with connective tissue. Structural integration clients report relief from pain and restored mobility. We take this further by incorporating mindfulness and sensory awareness to unite your entire mind/body/spirit to promote self-sensing and self-correction. Soma Structural Integration is not simply the act of putting your parts back together.  It is the self-realization that all aspects of you are actively alive and participating.

Explore the links below for more information on the History of Soma, the Series, key elements of Soma Structural Integration® and a list of resources about Soma and the profession of structural integration.

Gravity Busters: A Film on Structural Integration by Soma Institute graduates.

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