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Soma Community Clinic Day —  Monday June 27th, 2022

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FREE 1-hour Soma Treatments at the Soma Institute in Langley

Appointments are for 1 hour and begin at 1:15pm, 2:45pm or 4:15pm.
We have 12 spots available, don’t wait to sign-up!

For one day only, the Soma Institute is proud to offer free 1-hour Soma Structural Integration sessions to the South Whidbey community. Soma Structural Integration is an integrative bodywork that balances and enlivens one’s body and structure by working directly with muscles and fascia. The work is great for those with chronic pain, poor posture, limited range of motion, poor balance and many other musculoskeletal issues. For more information on Soma, please visit

With the support of the Soma Institute faculty, Soma student practitioners will be offering free 1-hour sessions to those in need of structural support. The sessions will take place at the Soma Institute Clinic in Langley. There will be four massage tables set-up in one room. As a client you will be partially clothed for the duration of the session. Plan to wear shorts/underwear and if appropriate, a bra/tube top.

Free Soma Community Clinic Sessions are meant for those who wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford experiencing Soma.

Soma 11-Series Clinic

The Soma Institute of Structural Integration® offers Soma 11-Series sessions to the community through our Clinic. Our ”model client” slots are full at the moment. However, please sign-up to be notified of last-minute openings or to be on the list for our next Clinic cohort starting in January 2023.

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The Soma Clinic has a limited number of openings for “model clients” to experience the transformative 11-session Soma Series each year.

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Starting in early January, appointments will take place every two weeks, lasting about 2 hours each, and cost only $50 per session. There are a few make-up days (on the occasional Thursday afternoon), if you must miss a session or two. See the full schedule below.

With faculty support, your  student practitioner will guide you through the Soma 11-Series in our large, inviting classroom space. Client models are expected to wear the equivalent of swimwear for the duration of the session. Student practitioners will assess your posture, and teach you movement practices in addition to the bodywork. 

Location: The Soma Institute, 772 Camano Ave, Suite 101, Langley, WA 98260 (Whidbey Island)

Covid Safety Measures: Model clients are expected to wear a mask at all times. Students and faculty are all fully vaccinated and will be double masked at all times. Ventilation and air purifiers will be used. Health screenings are also required before each session.
Read the Clinic Safety Protocols for Covid

2022 Soma Clinic Schedule

Session #1: Jan 18/19

Session #2: Feb 1/2

Session #3: Feb 15/16

Off: Feb 21-Feb 25

Session #4: March 8/9

Session #5: March 22/23

Session #6: April 5/6

Session #7: April 19/20

Session #8: May 3/4

Session #9: May 17/18

Off: May 31/June 1

Session #10: June 7/8

Session #11: June 21/22

Makeup Sessions—Thursday’s at 4pm: 3/17/22, 5/12/22, 5/26/22, 6/16/22

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Soma Clinic Model Forms:

The following forms must to be completed prior to beginning the Soma Series or any session:

Please read, no need to print, the Soma Institute Privacy Policy, found here.