Soma Clinic

Receive Soma from our Student Practitioners—

There are several options to experience the work; our Fall Somassage® Clinic and Spring Community Clinics and the Soma 11-Series. See more info below.

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The Soma Institute of Structural Integration® offers the Soma 11-Series to the community through our Clinic in Langley.

The Soma Clinic has a limited number of openings for “model clients” to experience the transformative 11-session Soma Series each year.

With faculty support, your student practitioner will guide you through the Soma 11-Series in our large, inviting classroom space. Client models are expected to wear the equivalent of swimwear for the duration of the session. Your student practitioner will assess your posture, and teach you movement practices in addition to the Soma bodywork. 

Starting in early January appointments will take place roughly every two weeks. Session are about 2 hours in length, and cost only $60 per session. There are a few make-up days (on the occasional Thursday afternoon) if you must miss a session or two, but you are expected to commit to the full 11 Sessions. See the full schedule below.

Location: The Soma Institute, 772 Camano Ave, Suite 101, Langley, WA 98260 (Whidbey Island)

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Health Measures: Ventilation and air purifiers will be used.

2025 Soma Clinic Schedule:
Session #1: Jan 21/22/23
Session #2: Feb 4/5/6
Session #3: Feb 18/19/20
Session #4: March 4/5/6
Session #5: March 18/19/20
No School: Week of March 31st
Session #6: April 8/9/10
Session #7: April 22/23/24
Session #8: May 6/7/8
Session #9: May 20/21/22
Session #10: June 3/4/5
Session #11: June 17/18/19

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Make-up Session Dates
Thursday, 3/13/25 at 4pm
Thursday, 3/27/25 at 4pm
Thursday, 4/17/25 at 4pm
Thursday, 5/1/25 at 4pm
Thursday, 5/15/25 at 4pm
Thursday, 5/29/25 at 4pm
Wednesday, 6/11/25 at 4pm

Spring Somassage® Community Clinic— June 24, 2024

FREE 1-hour Soma Treatments at the Soma Institute in Langley. 

Appointments are 1 hour and begin at 1:15pm, 2:45pm or 4:15pm.

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The Soma Institute is proud to offer FREE 1-hour Soma Structural Integration sessions to the South Whidbey community. Soma Structural Integration is an integrative bodywork that balances and enlivens one’s body and structure by working directly with muscles and fascia. The work is great for those with chronic pain, poor posture, limited range of motion, poor balance and many other musculoskeletal issues.

With the support of the Soma Institute faculty, Soma student practitioners will be offering free 1-hour sessions. The sessions will take place at the Soma Institute Clinic at Camano Center in Langley. You will receive the session in a large room with four other people and their student practitioners. You will be partially clothed for the duration of the session. Plan to wear shorts/underwear and if appropriate, a bra/tube top.

Fall Somassage® Community Clinic—
November 14th, 2024

We are pleased to offer free 1.5 hour Somassage® sessions with our student practitioners. Sessions will be at either 1:15pm or 3:30pm. 

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Somassage® is a treatment session that will help you feel balanced and revitalized. It focuses and mobilizes energy by releasing muscles and fascia to create more ease of movement. Developed out of Soma Structural Integration® theories, Somassage® recognizes and works with the unique qualities inherent in each individual structure.

With faculty support, your student practitioner will offer the Somassage® in our large, inviting classroom space. You will be expected to wear the equivalent of swimwear for the duration of the session. Student practitioners will briefly assess your posture before and after the session. Also you will be asked to participate in the session with specific movent, breath and focused presence, meant to help you achieve the greatest benefit from the work.

Soma Clinic Intake Forms:

The following forms must to be completed prior to beginning the Soma Series or any session:

Please read, no need to print, the Soma Institute Privacy Policy, found here.