Learn with teachers who love what they do.
You are the reason we are here. With a combined experience of over 75 years we truly care about your learning.

The Soma Institute is a delightful place to learn and develop oneself.  I feel very lucky to have learned Soma from these amazingly talented educators.
A.W.  —Class of 2016


JESSE GUERRERO LMP, Certified Advanced Practitioner: CAP – has been in private practice since 2002. He began his connection with Soma Structural Integration when he received the Soma Series at the age of eight. Shortly thereafter, his Aunt, Karen Bolesky, took over the Soma Institute of Neuromuscular Integration®. He credits this work for helping him overcome severe asthma and rehabilitating multiple sport injuries and traumas. Through these experiences and years of watching students’ positive evolution, he was inspired to gain his SNI® certification.

He has taught continuing education classes in Slovenia, Croatia, Oregon and Washington to healthcare professionals and aspiring structural integrators. He is fascinated by all movement arts and has studied Somatics, 5-Rhythms, yoga, pilates, Gyrokinesis, skateboarding, Aikido and Laban/Bartenieff fundamentals. He infuses this knowledge into every aspect of his teaching. He is a core faculty member at the Soma Institute.

When Jesse is not teaching or running his practice he can usually be found playing with his daughter, roaming the landscape on a skate or snowboard or rummaging in the garden.

“I want my students to find themselves in this work, in their body, in their own essence. Structural Integration has to become your own expression, so you not only gain knowledge, but you awaken your own unique brilliance. From this place a student can create a practice with confidence and authenticity. Supporting the embodiment of an uplifting and joyous profession is more than my passion, it is my ethos.”


Kelsi GiswoldKELSI GISWOLD BFA, LMP, Certified Advanced Practitioner: CAP – has been practicing Soma Neuromuscular Structural since 2008 in Wallingford—Seattle and Langley—Whidbey Island, Washington. Before becoming an Soma practitioner she received her Bachelor of Fine Art and freelanced as a graphic designer. Kelsi views the body with sensitivity and wonder and a profound appreciation for the powerful union of the mind, body and spirit. She encourages her clients and students to be playfully engaged in their lives by being fully present in their bodies.

Through her active lifestyle Kelsi continually finds joy in physical expression and awareness— whether running, hiking, climbing, playing in her garden, skiing, traveling or mothering her daughter. She was a varsity rower in college, and has hiked, traveled, farmed and worked in South America, Europe, India, Japan and Antarctica.

A lifelong learner, Kelsi is constantly attending continuing education courses to deepen her understanding of the human body, mind and spirit. She believes that curiosity and lifelong learning are the fuels of a creative and fulfilling life.

“My desire is to empower my students to deeply trust themselves, bringing their wholeness and presence to the table. I delight in encouraging students to be creative, compassionate and critical thinkers who value continual learning.”


Denise Foster ScottDENISE FOSTER-SCOTT LMP, Certified Advanced Practitioner: CAP – seeking a meaningful career, left the world of aviation to receive her training as a Structural Integrator at the Soma Institute of Neuromuscular Integration® in 2007.  Shortly after graduation, she began a yearlong internship with Karen Bolesky in which she explored client relationships and delved into the heart of structural work.  Denise has a deep fascination about how our individual facets (emotional, spiritual, intellectual) affect the structure of the body and how to use these connections in ourselves to create spaciousness and openness within.  She has special interest in anatomy and structure and pays close attention to the relationship between form and function in her work with clients and students. Denise is certified by the Certification Board for Structural IntegrationSM  and has devoted many volunteer hours to the International Association of Structural Integration®.  She has published several case studies about structural integration.

I want the students to leave with a tremendous sense of confidence that their work will create profound changes in the bodies and lives around them.  Soma Neuromuscular Integration® opens the door to awareness, creating choices and the potential for change.  It is my wish that the students take this opportunity to shed their self-imposed limitations that mask actuality.  This way they are able to recognize and encourage these same changes in others.


KarenBoleskySM2KAREN L. BOLESKY M.A., L.M.H.C., L.M.P., LAMP, Certified Advanced Practitioner: CAP, is the Director Emeritus of the Soma Institute of Neuromuscular Integration® and has been working with Structural Integration for over 30 years. She has been a psychotherapist, and licensed Mental Health Counselor since 1975 with a broad scope of psychological and somatic training. In 1986 she became a practitioner and instructor of Soma Neuromuscular Integration® and has owned the Soma Institute of Neuromuscular Integration® since 1986. Part sage, witchdoctor and rascal, she enjoys  working the farm that she has created. Rural Washington provides much insight into the rhythms of life and nature which she shares wisely with much tenacity and joy.

She studied Gestalt therapy with the Polsters, grief therapy in death and dying with Elisabeth Kubler-Ross, M.D., and drawing interpretation with Gregg M. Furth, Ph.D. Her B.A. is in Fine Art and she uses drawing interpretation as a tool to enhance personal development. She learned nutrition and business practices by owning health food stores. Her powerful work with her clients and students, tapping their personal creativity and capacity to manifest their vision and wisdom, is aided by her own synthesis of the creative process and knowledge of somatic education.

Karen has written a book entitled: Bony Landmarks-Making Somatic Connections

Karen is retired from active teaching.

“I want the student to leave with a true and deep sense of their own self, to live the work they are providing, to have a powerful, experiential and academic knowledge of Soma to take forth as a creative act.”